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"BLT in an American Indian Cuisine."


There was a young man traveling through South Dakota when he decided to veer of the major highway and go for a slower drive through country highways.  He noticed the town of Wounded Knee on his map.  The name triggered a memory from his high school days long ago.  He turned west at 44 and headed for Wanblee.


The young man carefully navigated his way along the pock-marked road until reaching Wounded Knee.  The road split at the bas of a small hill. A large green sign with white lettering told of the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890.  Surrounding the sign were several craft booths and a shinning new building, called, "Wolf Paw's Dinner - Now Open."


The young man was hungry and head into the dinner for something to eat.  He entered the building, and the man behind the counter called, "Hello, I am Harold Wolf Paw, how can I help you?"


The young man looked over the menu of Buffalo stew, Tanega (buffalo stomach), Wojapi (fruit compote) in blueberry, chokecherry or blackberry, fry bread, and the one thing he recognized, a BLT. 


"I'll have the BLT with mayo please." Harold Wolf Paw, disappeared into the kitchen to get his order.


The young man waited patiently for this Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich.  He was happy to find something on the menu that he knew.


After a few minutes in the kitchen, Harold smiled and said, "Here you go, sir," placing the sandwich the young man ordered in front of him.  The young man looked over his sandwich, red tomato and green lettuce surrounded by what appeared to be roast beef. 


"Ah, excuse me Harold, but I ordered a BLT not a roast beef sandwich," to which Harold responded, "Well, that IS a BLT.  We do not serve roast beef here."


To which the young man replied, "But this is NOT a BLT."


"Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich?"   Harold exclaimed, "Of course not.  You are in Lakota country, and we serve Lakota food.  A BLT here  is Black Lab on Toast!"


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