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"How to Tell Time"


A guy goes for a walk in the forest one day and comes upon an Indian, stark naked, lying on the ground with a big erection.  "What are you doing?" asks the hiker.  "Me telling time.  It's 1:30, answers the Indian."  The hiker looks at his watch and sure enough it's 1:30.


A little further down the path he encounters a similar site, an Indian, naked with a big hard on.  "What are you doing?" asks the hiker.  "Me telling time.  It's 3:00 PM says the Indian." And sure enough the hiker's watch reads 3:00 PM.


So the hiker, shaking his head, keeps moving.   He finally comes upon another Indian, also naked, lying on the ground.  However, this guy not only has a huge erection, he's also jacking off.  "So, what are you doing?"  demands the hiker. 


"Winding my watch," responds the Indian.










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