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Joke du Jour
Published since 1995!

Joke du Jour(JdJ) is sometimes provocative, sometimes informative, sometimes sexy — and sometimes touching! We’re not just another humor list. We have funny humor and jokes; and best of all are the weekly inspirations. A Joke a Day keeps the Doctor away!
JdJ is a daily publication.

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funnysexFunny Sex du Jour (Published since 1999)

Has your humor email been a bit bland lately? Heighten your senses with Funny Sex du Jour! Tasty, Spicy yet *clean language* sexy humor will liven up your email! It’s for adults only! FSdJ is a Mon-Fri publication.

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jewish jokesJewish Joke du Jour (Published since 1999)

Offering humor about Jewish way of life, Jewish mothers, and funny anecdotes from Jewish folklore. One doesn’t have to be Jewish to join but it helps. We’ll send you the best Jewish jokes twice a week.

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QuotesQuotes du Jour (Published since 2000).

Quotes du Jour will bring you Witty, Whimsical and Thought-provoking Quotes 3 times per week.

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ladyhawkeLadyHawke’s Weekly Jokes (Published since 1996)

LadyHawke’s Weekly Jokes will bring a compilation of three best jokes for that week, two from Jokes du Jour (JdJ) and one from Funny Sex du Jour (FSdJ).

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